Intimacy, Creative Energy and the Moment

 In Art & Spirituality, Creativity

Intimacy with all of life.

Juicy moments are everywhere.
Juicy, enlivening. Here. Now.
In the mundane. The everyday. The alone moments and the together moments.

The 5 senses, a gateway.

Fully awake to what you receive through sound, sight, touch, smell.

The 5 senses, a gateway to the innate vibrancy within, the creative lifeforce.

What if sexual energy and the sacred erotic aren’t confined to what we have thought them to be?
What if playfulness isn’t what we have thought it to be?
If they aren’t ‘for other people’, for certain circumstances and times only.

What if we are not who we think we are?
The 5 senses a gateway.

Inviting, guiding us into

The freedom
The fullness

of your essence


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