The Wild Calling

Dawn. The last morning wild camping alone, high up on a hill in North Devon. In the distance, a howl. Perhaps a dog. More mouths howling. Wolves. Wolves, here? The pack yowled louder. Followed by [...]

Grief Prayer

There is so much space within the ground of being, the joy of being, for all feelings. In this year of the unexpected, of loss and separation and the gaining of new insights and gifts, [...]

Space for Integration

Sometimes we all need a little space, a little time, for integration. Life moves through us as we grow and evolve. Our unfolding happens in its own unique way and time. Life can feel full, rich [...]

On Kindness

Be kind to your mind. Be kind to all the pieces of you that make up your wholeness. Be kind the parts of yourself that you might turn away from or not know how to be with. Let breath and silence [...]

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