Things We Broke During Lockdown: #4 Breaking Forms and Norms.

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A Creative Response to Quarantine from Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre

In this fourth video in our series, we played with form, words and movement. In the first lockdown of 2020, everything was new. We were both fumbling our way through and also, in some ways, freer. It was a dance none of us knew the steps to. It called us to listen more deeply to our natural rhythms, to our values, to what was important in each moment. We broke forms and norms.

We like to think of this video as a touch more experimental. There are breakages, broken communication, zoom play, the unexpected and bodies stuttering through space – all topped off with the cracking of smiles in the out-takes.

Thank you to everyone who shared your quarantine stories with us. Thank you to The National Heritage Lottery Fund for the funding we received that enabled us to purchase the technical kit to bring the work to life!

Things We Broke During Lockdown: #4 Breaking Forms and Norms.

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