Things We Broke During Lockdown: #3 Two Metres/Broken Open

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Things We Broke During Lockdown:

#3 Two Metres/Broken Open

A Creative Response to Quarantine from Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre

In this third video in our series, our work takes on a more dramatic tone. 2020 has seen us meet our edges, both personally and collectively. We have realised, perhaps more than ever, how interconnected we are. Our personal stories and individual experiences are interwoven, all part of the fabric of existence.

The first lockdown brought both challenges and treasures, the effects of which continue to unfold today. We have grown and we have changed. This poem-monologue is about a different kind of breaking; it speaks of the shattering of relationships, roles and routines. The gift of being broken open.

Thank you to all who have shared your quarantine experiences with us and to The National Heritage Lottery Fund for the funding we received that enabled us to purchase the technical kit to bring the work to life.

Things We Broke During Lockdown: #3 Two Metres – Broken Open

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