About Alice

Alice Flynn is a writer, theatre practitioner, creativity facilitator and embodiment guide.

At the core of her work is an invitation into:

Empowered, embodied, expression.

With over 18+ years’ experience working within the creative arts, Alice facilitates creative and/or personal processes in community, wellbeing and educational settings.

Her playwriting and theatre work question norms and cultivate new narratives and ways of seeing and being.

Alice has over 16+ years’ experience as a yoga teacher and movement practitioner, supporting people to move more freely in life, with awareness of how to feel more resourced and at home in their animal body.

Alice’s work has a particular focus on working with women in art and life and the wild.

“I am passionate about facilitating journeys in which women, their voices, stories and diverse experiences are nurtured, shared and amplified.

I’m committed to nurturing the personal and creative flourishing of women and our sense of interconnectedness with/as nature, as I believe this is essential to the thriving of all.”


Join Alice for classes and events here / view her creative portfolio here / invite her to collaborate here


Main Images: Jayne Jackson Photography

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