A Desire to Thrive

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Two weeks’ prior to this photo being taken, this little olive tree was brown, crispy-leaved and looking rather on its way out. I had neglected it.

Could I bring it back from the brink? I watered it more. I pruned away the dead leaves. After a week, fresh green leaves started appearing. I was amazed. My neighbour reminded that nature has an innate impulse to survive AND thrive.

I so delighted in seeing that robust little tree bounce back over two weeks. Each time I walk in the front door this tree reminds me if the wonder of life! It also reminded me of our own innate desire to thrive.

How do you tend to your roots? How do you support yourself as you grow? What fruits are you growing too, sharing your gifts with the world – or perhaps now feels like a time to rest inwardly, as in winter?

As autumn comes closer, see what dead leaves fall away and what serves and best nurtures your fullness.


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