Faces of the Sacred Feminine: Lakshmi – Goddess of Beauty and Abundance

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Over the summer our two women’s circles worked with archetype and energy of Lakshmi, goddess of beauty and abundance in all forms.

Lakshmi energy is the same shimmering light, the same radiant fullness that is our essence. She teaches us of the nectar that is present in everything, every situation and in everyone.

Lakshmi is divine, yet she also supports us in tending to what is necessary in this worldly life. She helps us keep good order and to take responsibility. So, there’s a beauty in tending to chores and the mundane.

We have shared, and will continue to,  images of the beauty we see (and beauty in ALL its forms as we feel/perceive it individually) using the hashtag #anabundanceofbeauty . Seeing and appreciating beauty is a transformational practice. Come join us and use the hashtag!

oday is the last day of our #lakshmi practices for our women’s yoga groups. It’s been such a reminder of the sweetness of life by consciously noticing #anabundanceofbeauty all around.


Lakshmi energy is also an energy of orderliness, balance and harmony. Sally Kempton, tantra teacher and a big source of inspiration in this Divine Feminine work, writes extensively about the Divine Feminine, says that one way to invoke Lakshmi energy is as we go about our chores, tend to finances and admin, as we clear and clean in the home.

Working with Lakshmi, I feel, also brings inner clearing and greater clarity as she calls us to see the beauty in the mud and the muck if life.

Lakshmi, with her absolute compassion, invites us to be present to the parts of ourselves or life we might want to turn away from or sweep under the rug. To let them be, as we rest in, and as, spacious presence.

This is bold and brave work, but we’re always held in love.

We are love.

Much love to you, shimmering in all your innate fullness x


Featured Image: Lakshmi from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinksy, illustrated by Hrana Janto

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