On Kindness

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Be kind to your mind.

Be kind to all the pieces of you that make up your wholeness.

Be kind the parts of yourself that you might turn away from or not know how to be with.

Let breath and silence be the space in which there is room for everything.

For all experiences and, for all of you.


I am back from a five day silent retreat with Prajna Ginty.
17 people resting in silence and connection together.
17 people remembering who we really are and that, although we look different and separate, we are all aspects of the same whole. Human and divine all at once.

Prajna shared with us the power and importance of being kind.
Be kind to your mind.

When we are kind to the talkative mind, we no longer need to be in conflict with it. “Sweetheart, oh hello. What’s that? Yes, of course, of course.” This doesn’t mean we follow the thoughts shared, or take them as truth, but we can transform our relationship to mind. It is not something to be controlled, but rather an innocent child to be loved.

Be kind to all of you

Reclaim all aspects of yourself, however they appear: the lost children within, the tender aching hidden parts, the loud and wild, the wailing and the longing, the unseen and unheard. Open your arms to them all and offer them your kindness.
Be kind through self-care n
Tiny acts of nurturance are powerful acts of self love. They soothe and nourish, increasing integration, resiliency & relaxation.

When we are kind to ourselves, all beings benefit.

How we relate with ourselves informs how we relate to life and those around us. When we treat ourselves with kindness that love radiates out into all connections, into all of life.
Welcome all of yourself here.
Enjoy your own kindness today

and everyday x

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