Faces of the Sacred Feminine: Kali, Goddess of Fierce Grace

 In Yoga

Flowers at the feet of the goddess.

Kali is fierce. She’s the energy of destruction and creation. She is life as fierce grace: the chaos that brings us the lessons we need and cuts away all that we don’t need – no matter how attached we may be to it!
Kali is bold, wild, sensual and sexual. She exists outside of convention and the ties of the ego that bind. She dances in her own way, freely. She calls us to meet our shadows and integrate the shadow aspects of her energies.

Direct and clear as she is, Kali brings into our awareness the ways in which we may hide our fierceness, suppress our righteous anger, or silence our own voice. Kali calls us to express our own dance and to not change our shape to fit in with ‘the norm’. She stands with us as we stand in our power, in our fullness.

I love our women’s groups and the truths and gifts we share together in circle each week. There is such power in coming together as women and really seeing each other, voicing our truths and letting ourselves be seen and heard.

Jai Kali Ma!

Illustration: Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

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