Associate Director and Actor • Grand Grotesque Parade, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival for The Girls Bournemouth, UK • September 2011

Working as one third of performance trio We3, Alice co-devised, co-directed and co-delivered the performance aspect this re-imagining of Bournemouth’s Edwardian parade. The parade was a special commission for Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival and was conceived, directed by, and featured, lead artists The Girls. This large-scale performance was also a collaboration within choir director Ali Sharpe. The parade involved over 200 hundred local participants and was seen by thousands.

Conceived, directed by and featuring Lead Artists: The Girls (Zoe Sinclair & Andrea Blood)
Associate Directors: We 3: Alice Flynn, Antonia Beck, Felicity Crabb
Choir Director: Ali Sharpe

Props Consultant: Denise Poote
Model & Prop Makers: The Girls with Tomkins Model Makers (Holly Tomkins), Rachel Alexander, Katie Munro, Marcus Edgar, Sally Eyre, Denise Poote
Assistants to Tomkins Model Makers: Elizabeth Tomkins, Clare Heath, Sally Lamacraft, Annika Garratt
Costumes Consultant: Helen Ross
Wardrobe Mistress: Molly Mishi May
Artists Assistants: Anna Morgan, Liz Bradbury, Jennifer Babey, Stephnie Trobec, Jodun French, Catherine Gilchrist, Sarah Bounds, Rachael O’Brien, Sally Eyre, Katy Hamer, Helen Broadbridge

Camera: John Holman, Nathan McCabe, Jess Glass, Anna Morgan
Sound Location Recordist: Geoff McQueen
Parade Captain: Catherine Gilchrist
Essayist: Bevis Fenner
Grand Grotesque Parade logo: Bear & Bird Design

Cabinet Member for Arts & Culture: Ian Lancashire
Festival Manager, Arts Bournemouth: Carol Maund
Festival PR & Marketing Manager, Arts Bournemouth: Kerry Curtis
Project Manager: Lisa Northover
Mask making workshops led by: Denise Poote, Jodun French, Natalie Guy


The Girls: Zoe Sinclair & Andrea Blood
We 3: Alice Flynn, Antonia Beck, Felicity Crabb
Lottie Bon Bon
Alice Chutter
Catherine Gilchrist
Sammy Lee
Caine Morfett
Kate O’Malley
Chanti Porter
Emma Purchase
Lorna Rees
Demelza Rose


Trac Pawley, Noel Holmes, Hazel Evans, Brian Jenner, Sally Charrett, Sarah McDonald, Sabine Nissen, Jill Davis, Christina S, Julie Johns, Di Dell, Ayesha, Marianne Moggridge, Diane Worthy, Lynne Abad, Norma Rawlings, Liz Magee, Tracy Herrmann, Gitta Cooper, Ana Williams, Susannah Bell, Marianne Brown, Charlotte Cash, Sarah Leach, Oliver Lansley, Jocelyn Baldwin, Jan Palmer, Jodun French, Ursula Davidson, Cathy Jupp, Rachel Unsworth, Linda Joyce, Laura Joy, Sharon Lloyd, Glenda Strong, Julia Davy, Miriam Taylor, Mary Cooper, Tracy Chambers, Liz Bradbury, Sabrah Wilson, Mercy Lamech, Lynn Cope, Hepzi Roe

Helen Ross Costumes, Pavilion Dance, BIC, Matt Desmier, Bear & Bird Design, Bevis Fenner, the Everitt family, the Ross family, Peter Pull, the Northover family, Chris Anderton, Pat Phethean, St Peter’s School, Butterfly Foundation, Bourne Spring Centre, Gobbledegook Theatre, The League of Bournemouth SteamPunks.

All images (unless otherwise stated): Haydn (WheelzWheeler) via Flickr

Ice Cream Mermaid. Image: Arts Bournemouth

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