Performer, Writer, Director • Little Tales, Little Truths, for The Sting in the Tale Festival of Stories • Dorset • 2012

Alice wrote two tales as Wulf Theatre: A Cloud, a Crowd and a Swarm, based on a traditional folktale, and Knitting in the Dark, stories tied together with single golden thread, stories exploring connection, truth, creativity, love and death. Alice worked alongside violinist Heather Cowen, developing the performance to incorporate original music from Heather and actor musician Josh Elwell.  Little Tales, Little Truths was presented as part of The Sting in the Tale Festival of Stories, 2012.

Performers/Storytellers: Heather Cowen & Alice Flynn

Written by: Alice Flynn

Music & song: Heather Cowen, Josh Elwell & Alice Flynn

Costume & make-up design: Emma Purchase 

Hand-knitted details: Angel Homer

Photography: Emma Purchase


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