Writer, Actor • The Musical Cloakroom, Imeh Akpan and Thomas Flynn for Hack the Barbican 2013 Barbican Arts Centre, Central London, UK • August 2013

Alice created and recorded a series of short stories, writing to a brief, for The Musical Cloakroom, an interactive sound installation in Europe’s largest multi-arts centre, The Barbican. This was a collaboration with several people – coders, writers, carpenters and film makers – the installation was part musical instrument, part interactive storytelling machine. Using their bodies, users were able to trigger notes or, in the case of the stories, words as they moved across a field of ultrasonic motion sensors.

Concept, cloakroom coding & electronics:  Imeh Akpan

Music, sound design, recording and editing: Thomas Flynn

Story and voice:  Alice Flynn

Woodwork:  Scott Stannard

Filming & editing:  Niall Coffey

Featured Image: Thomas Flynn


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