Facilitator  Far-Fetched Tales: Making the Unbelievable Believable, Creating Convincing Worlds and Characters.  • Buckholme Towers School, Poole • March 2017

Alice created and delivered practical creative writing workshops for all year groups of the junior school as part of their World Book Day celebrations. The sessions were themed and Alice came in costume as Ms. Levity Thoroughscribe, teacher of Taleology at St.Tithbert’s School for the Creatively Inclined. The students were asked to help create new stories for St.Tithbert’s Library of Myths, Legends and Tall Tales.

The sessions focused on developing character creation skills, engaging the reader through the senses and an exploration of how to generate situations and stories from the imagination. Play, improvisation, modelling and movement work formed the basis of the drama practice which led directly to written activities for the older groups (Years Three through to Six). For Years One and Two the sessions were play-based with whole group creation.

A big thank you on behalf of all the staff for your sterling work with the children yesterday […] a lot was achieved and they thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Mr Kaczmarek, head of English, Buckholme Towers preparatory school.


Ms. Levity Thoroughscribe, teacher of Taleology at St. Tithbert’s School for the Creatively Inclined.

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