Conscious Creativity Circles


When we come together and sit in circle, magic happens. When our intention is to connect to our creative essence, potent magic happens.

We honour ourselves through the  self-care that is deep listening and holistic expression. In the centring, we rest in the awareness of our wholeness, our fullness. We see each other and we are seen. We feel the human warmth of simply being, connecting – to ourselves and each other.

Every circle is different although there are key elements which are the anchor points for our practice. At every circle we come together, move, meditate, share and create.

Each session centres around a different theme which we explore and express through nurturing practices. Often we move to music, in organic dance or we may practice yoga or another body-oriented practice. When we open at the level of the body, we release tension, our nervous system is soothed and we can better hear what is moving within us, that which wishes to be seen, to be acknowledged. An inner opening occurs.

From this space we dive deeper, be it through meditation or the focussed flow of an engaging creative practice. We might work with crayons or yarn, paint or land or something else entirely. The world is our playground. We may create alone or together. Either way,  in our coming together to create, we are connected. We hold sacred space for each other.

During the evening we meditate together. This can take many forms. We might sit in silence or share an open-eyed or moving meditation. Meditation brings us to rest in the awareness of our innate fullness and freedom. The peace that we are.

Each session closes with conscious connection: we share a cuppa together and some healthy cake and treats. We rest together as we rest in ourselves. We are seen and we see.

These circles are a powerful and freeing way to gather together to rest and connect. No creative or movement experience is necessary and all are welcome. For future Conscious Creativity Circle dates and to book your place, please visit the events page.

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