Creativity Challenge Week Three

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All the way back to my blog post in 2010. The challenge, to creatively capture a moment or musings from the week. I also wrote a very long and tautological poem, which was more of a word doodle than anything I now feel of form. Fun to do. Confusing to read!

 I’ll also leave the challenge here (weeks 4 and 5 seemed to be largely based on homemade Christmas cracker jokes…you can guess the standard). And so, the next creativity posts will be back in the present, back to 2016. So long, 2010. *throws a wink towards 2010, a smile of thanks.*

November 2010.

Sometimes words capture more, so here’s my image for this week:

Imagine the scene: the local high street, a tiny shop with no sign above it, a small range of shoes and boots perched on boxes in the window display cheap flowers carefully arranged amongst them. The shop also offers Tarot readings and a sandwich board outside offers us some further information:

Mysterious cafe

Cake and coffee £2.50

I smile. Only here. Shoes, tarot, cake and coffee. Very unpexpected. Is this the niche-market work of an entrepreneurial genius? I’m unsure. But I like that someone’s trying it. You never know unless you try.




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