Dancing into Liminal Spaces of Transformation and Transition

Liminal spaces can be literal or figurative spaces of transition: the in-between in the everyday, portals into the extraordinary, here, within the ordinary. We might experience liminal spaces when we meet an ending of a relationship, a role, a season, an era. In a time of change we might walk out of a doorway and step literally and figuratively into the unknown as we leave the familiar and move towards something new, not yet fully formed or clear.

In this way, these transitional spaces invite trust and call for courage. Meeting the unknown/the unknowable may feel daunting – and yet, these times can be freeing, the fertile void, alive with potency.

We pass through these portals and we may be profoundly changed, as the mystery of existence moves through us, as us.

On November 4th, join creativity facilitator and embodiment practitioner for Portal: A Cacao Dance Journey, where we will share in an evening of community, connection and celebration.

We’ll explore what portals we are stepping through, the liminal spaces of transition and transformation we might be in or being called to enter. We’ll do this through somatic practices & creative reflection. Then, we will drink heart-opening cacao (optional), grown & shared by the Mayan women’s collective Ruk’u’x Ulew, ethically imported by Common Roots Cacao, before journeying into freeform dance, stepping gently or boldly into the liminal, as the music moves us. All welcome – no experience necessary.



When: 4/11/22, 6.30-9.30pm.

Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes early to settle into the space.

Where: Private venue in Southbourne, Bournemouth. Address will be shared upon booking.


Please wear clothes you feel comfortable in & can move in, layers are good for changes in body temperature.

Bring a bottle of water, blanket (s) to sit on, yoga mat, notebook & pen.

You are invited to bring a small item for our community altar that will hold our offerings for the dance. You might choose to bring something that connects to the Portal energies of transition & transformation, stepping into the unknown, meeting changes, trusting in possibility & potency, sensing your fullness – or something else entirely! Feel free to interpret this as you wish. Our objects will be placed on our shared altar for the duration of the dance, returning to you at the end of the evening.



Spaces are limited. To book your place, click HERE.



Ceremonial Cacao is contraindicated with certain medications.

Please ensure you read the following information & contact Alice via 07398 665212 or hello@alice-flynn.com with any queries.


If you are taking anti-depressants, anti-psychotic medication or heart medication please consult your doctor before drinking cacao. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consider the theobromine in cacao is a stimulant, so a lower dose is recommended. If you have low blood pressure or have a heart condition please consult your doctor before drinking ceremonial grade cacao as it significantly increases the heart rate and is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

The cacao is made into a drink with almond milk or coconut milk with the addition of maple syrup.


For the ceremonial grade cacao to work its heart-opening magic, please avoid caffeine and dairy on the day of the ceremony. It is recommended to fast for a couple of hours prior to the dance. However, you know your own body, please honour its needs. Light snacks eg fruit/nuts etc are fine. Heavy snacks/meals will mean the effects of the cacao are lessened.
Come well hydrated as cacao can have a dehydrating effect.


Cacao is a sacred non-psychoactive plant medicine. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals and can evoke the bliss chemicals in the body, enabling a gentle journey of deep discovery and a receiving of inner guidance from the wisdom of the heart.

We will be sharing ethically traded cacao from Common Roots Cacao – an emerging collaboration between two local women (Louise Furmenger & Jo Cruickshanks) and a 100% Mayan-owned, all indigenous women’s collective producing artisanal Guatemalan-grown ceremonial cacao.

This collective of women invite you to drink with the awareness that you are accessing thousands of years of indigenous practice of listening to the earth, nature and the body. Women who are whole heartedly committed to remembering and recalibrating the natural art of flourishing.

We look forward to sharing a dance journey with you!

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