This course is for those who wish to draw upon and deeply embody the archetypal energies of the Divine Feminine, connecting to the Goddess in every woman. At a very practical level, this means nurturing Goddess qualities within ourselves and bringing awareness to these archetypal energies, how we currently embody them and how we might cultivate different aspects of this Shakti energy. The course is currently being offered on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

Each week we will sit in circle as women, a practice which is healing in itself. We will explore the mythology of each of the three Goddesses we will work with, relating the wider teachings of the work to our own experiences. We will embody these archetypal energies through practices specifically chosen to connect to each individual energy.

Through the following practices we will balance the physical, mental-emotional and energetic bodies:

* Asanas – postures

* Mantra  – sacred sound

* Mudra – hand gestures that form energetic seals

* Cultivating awareness, focus and inner stillness

* Simple take-home practices to call upon and to nurture the gifts of these archetypes in ourselves in daily life

* Meditation

* Deep relaxation


In this first series, we will explore and embody three powerful Hindu Goddesses:

Durga: Goddess of Courage, Strength and Love

Invincible One

Durga is the Goddess to invoke to call upon the energy of pure divine will and strength, when you want to know your own courage and great heart. She is the energy of healthy boundaries, protection, wisdom and clear action.

Bhuvaneswari: Goddess of Cosmic Spaciousness and the Power to Hold Contradictions

She Who Holds the Cosmos in Her Embrace.

Bhuvaneswari represents the field of creative possibility as the spaciousness from which, and in which, all arises. In this spaciousness contradictions can be compassionately held and, in some way, resolved. We can attune to Bhuvaneswari energy as beingness, our connectedness to all of life, beyond dualistic surface differences. We remember there is space for everything in life, as it is.

Kali: Goddess of Divine Creative Power, Liberator and Destroyer.

Black One/Black Time

Kali is the fierce feminine, the energy of breakthroughs and transformation. Kali has many faces; she can be both the sweet mother and the destroyer of egoic patterns. We can call upon Kali energy at times of change as she is the embodiment of fierce grace, clearing space for new growth.


Wednesdays, 6pm – 7.45pm (including deep relaxation)
£60 (Payable in one payment or split into two £30 payments).

Booking essential due to limited class number of 8.

Course dates: 14/3, 21/3, (no class 28/3), 4/4, 11/4, 18/4, 25/4.


Tuesdays, 6pm – 7.45pm (including deep relaxation)
£60 (Payable in one payment or split into two £30 payments).

Booking essential due to limited class number of 8.

Course dates: 20/3, 27/3, 3/4, 10/4, 17/4, 24/4.
Venue location: Boscombe Overcliff, full address provided upon booking.
To book please contact Alice on 07398 665212 or email

Payment is via or bank transfer (please message for details)


Image Source: Optical Goddess by Claudia Dea on Flickr

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