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Yoga Classes 

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These yoga classes offer a space in which you can take time to anchor within, move your body, regulate your nervous system and rest in presence. The yoga sessions are strengthening and stretching by nature. All welcome.


Women’s Yoga Circle, Mondays: 6 – 7.30pm

When we gather together with intention & compassion, healing and growth naturally happen.

This weekly session is a soft & sacred space where all of you is welcome. We will have a sharing circle (sharing is always optional), sometimes on a theme. This is followed by a gentle, yet enlivening, yoga class. This may also include somatic practices and organic movement to music, giving your body-heart-mind space to unwind.

Sessions are for all who identify as female, or non-binary, anyone with a cervix.

6 weekly sessions of 90 mins.

Next available block: February 20, 27 & March 6, 13, 20, 27.

Exchange: £72 for the 6-session journey.

Drop-in: £13.50 where available. Contact Alice directly: 07398 665212.

Venue: The Old School House, Gladstone Mews, Gladstone Rd E, BH7 6BG

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One-to-One Sessions

Over three (or more) sessions we will work together, creating a transformational journey to suit your needs and the growth or changes you wish to make. These sessions are for anyone of any gender expression.

3 x 1hr sessions @ £55 each: £165

Book in for your free 30 minute clarity call to discuss how I can work with you 1:2:1 to support your flourishing in body, mind, heart and spirit using integrated embodiment practices, yoga and movement.

To book your clarity call, click HERE.

Note: 1:2:1 Practice days are Monday-Wednesday. When we speak, we can find a time that suits.



Please bring a mat and water bottle to all yoga sessions. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in, ideally layers for warmth.



Embodiment will mean different things to different people, based on their own experiences of being in a body. Which means we all get to explore what embodiment means for ourselves, honouring our own direct experience of this.

One perspective is that embodiment means inhabiting the body we are in with awareness & presence.

It is cultivating a listening, loving relationship to the body and, through the senses, we can also attune to the subtle energetics of the body, its unseen layers & also a sense of ourselves as so much more than only a body: we sense ourselves as both part of nature and all of life.

Embodiment practices are important as mainstream culture has, over time, grown to value mind over body, logic over instinct & felt sense, whereby there can be an overriding of the body’s needs and feelings.

Patriarchal systems are, arguably, rooted in a conditioned distrust and fear of that which is intangible & uncontrollable: the unseen aspects of existence, of being human & of the inexplicable.

We can internalise this conditioning, and so an unconscious dominance and control plays out inside us.

This might result in: suppression of feelings, instincts, sexual energies, creativity & other ’non-logical’ aspects of the soma-psyche. When suppression occurs, these natural aspects of being then ’squirt out sideways’ in distorted behaviours and damaging patterns.

Embodiment practices can help us feel safe in our bodies and more able to express our boundaries and respect others’.

We can learn how to regulate our nervous system (so we can be responsive vs habitually reactive).

We have greater awareness of our naturalness, prior to conditioning.

A maturation comes with the embodiment journey that supports personal & collective integrative wellbeing.

Embodiment is a reclamation of our wild self as an expression of the mystery of existence. 

Embodiment invites a return to feeling anchored within, both in the body & in our sense of belonging as existence.

Embody your vitality

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