Alice Flynn is a playwright and poet with over fifteen years’ experience of working within the arts and arts for wellbeing industries.

Her writing explores the human condition, the existential and the universal. With hints of magical realism, the ambiguity and mystery of life is expressed often in liminal ways, spaces and characters.

Her text is often infused with elements of myth and folk tales is clear and is woven into her lyrical work. There’s a playful humour and tenderness to her writing, and yet she does not shy away from the taboo, darkness and the complexities and paradoxes of being.

Alice’s work questions cultural constructs and assumed norms. She is interested in creating new narratives and pathways forward. She is also interested in how we write, and how to make engaging dramatic text for performance that does not necessarily preference logocentric practices and goal-driven approaches.

With a background in physical theatre and movement, Alice is interested in exploring ways of writing that are embodied and instinctual, stemming from oracular traditions.

As a writing facilitator, Alice is also committed to supporting new and diverse voices, particularly through amplifying female voices and experiences.

Words have the capacity to bring about transformation, opening new doors within us, creating new ways of seeing and being. Words land in the body and exist in our psyche and we are changed.

View Alice’s artistic portfolio here.

Alice’s freelance writing ranges from bespoke commissions, historical interpretations, site-specific pieces, scripts for collaborative pieces from large scale festival performances to outdoor performance.

In 2017, Alice co-founded Portal: New Writing Collective in Dorset, with writer and acting lecturer Craig Norman. The group is dedicated to cultivating new playwriting within the region, as well as connection and professional development for writers.

In 2019, the group produced three new writing performance events, collaborating with Lighthouse Poole as part of Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe and also Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, in association with Pains Plough. In 2019 the group became part of Lighthouse Poole’s New Voices Arts Development Programme.

Alice’s experience as writer is often interwoven with her work as a director and performer. Her writing is also informed by her holistic work, which is oriented around mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It requires deep listening, clarity, sensitivity and curiosity – all essential to the creative process too.

In 2019 Alice became co-artistic director of Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre, joining actor Michele O’Brien and multi-disciplinary artist Hazel Evans. The company is currently working on Women of Words, a new performance created and performed by an all female team, exploring the power of the written word and the impact of the absence and presence of female voices within Dorset from the past to the present day.

You can find out more about Alice’s current and past writing projects via her portfolio page.

If you’d like to commission a script, collaborate with Alice or invite her to host a creative writing session, please contact her via



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