Space for Integration

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Sometimes we all need a little space, a little time, for integration. Life moves through us as we grow and evolve. Our unfolding happens in its own unique way and time.

Life can feel full, rich and busy. Life can bring unexpected events our way: intense experiences, losses large and small. Even the briefest of social interactions can be multilayered. Our systems respond to these events on all levels. Without space for integration we may start to feel rather ‘full’ of emotional/mental/physical/energetic content.

Integration is then a powerful act of self-care.

Being in a body is a full-power experience.

We feel our energies expand and contract; thoughts trickle and tumble, stick and repeat. Emotions rise and fall, wave after wave. Our bodies experience aches and pains, surges of pleasure and release. All this has its own rhythm. And while we can sense our essence as the unchanging awareness in which all these fluctuations happen, we may not be rooted there. We are human and our human form sometimes needs a chance to catch up.

By integration, I don’t mean a conscious reflection – although this has its place and can support the integration process. I don’t mean a delving into the content. I am talking about relaxing into space in various ways that allow for a subtle digestion to happen. This the filtration, release and assimilation that happens when we gently, consciously give ourselves space.

Simply holding this intention for inner integration can mean many or any activities and practices can nurture us.

For me, simple, often repetitive, uncomplicated activities bring me back to the spaciousness within and give my inner world room to be aired. Some of them are:

Gardening, crafting (working with my hands be it sewing or knitting), drawing, painting, dancing, walking by the sea, baking. Meditating, sunbathing, lying in nature, resting in silence.

Watching a series or listening to music, sharing time with good friends, also support this holistic wellbeing.

Sometimes we may need to let off steam. Sometimes goofing off is deeply nourishing and healing.

Any activity or practice can be used as a way of escaping or avoiding thoughts or feelings or sensations. We can cultivate awareness as to whether we are choosing to nurture ourselves and our unfolding or escaping. And even consciously choosing escape may be part of the process and the moving towards presence.

By creating space for integration, we allow all that moves to unwind. There is a freeing up within and, so too, without.  Life continues to move through us and we move as life.

What activities, places or practices do you turn to when you want to integrate and take space?

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