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Retreats & Past Events

Let your life be your art, let your passion be your play

Transformational Creativity

Past Workshops

Please contact me if you would like to book one of the workshops listed.

Hatha yoga, breath work and creative play (DAY COURSE)

During this restorative retreat day, we will nourish mind, body and spirit through revitalizing yoga postures, breath work, mantras and mudras. From this embodied space, we’ll explore more playful practices, reconnecting to our inner-child and sense of wonder. From this potent spaciousness, we’ll move deeper into our creative practices, tapping into our innate creative energy and power and a more expanded sense of self.

Chakra balancing, simple rituals and essential oils (DAY COURSE)

This retreat day will focus specifically on the heart and sacral chakras, our energy centres of love and compassion, sensuality and flow. To support us in our journeying, throughout the day we will also work with simple rituals –
actions with intention – and soothing essentials oils for self-care.

Celebrating your radiance, sharing your fullness (DAY COURSE)

If you’d like to invite more peace, pleasure and play to your days, come join us for embodied practices and take-home tools to support you on your path and empower you as you bring forth your full radiance.

What people are saying:

  • Alice has an amazing capacity to Love.  Its her biggest gift and healing to be around

    Rowan Cobelli
  • Thank you for such an open, restful and nurturing space.  I felt held, and cherished.

    Mary Jones
  • An amazing massage in a beautiful environment.  A total reset and has left me with a new vision and many insights.

    Mariam Woodlea Life Coach
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