Incontinence & Pelvic Health

This 2-day empowering and integrative workshop is for all those who wish to gain practical tools and knowledge to support pelvic health in a nurturing environment with embodiment practitioner and yoga teacher Alice Flynn, and healer, naturopath & nutritionist Jean-Marc Degioanni.

Knowing that over 2.5 million people suffer from Incontinence, we have brought this workshop to you, whereby we aim to bring clarity, freedom and awareness to the way we relate to our pelvis, the organs within it, our sexuality, power and voice.

The invitation is for women and those with cervixes to come home to themselves in various ways. Join us in the first step of a life-long journey of connection and care.

What to Expect:

Throughout this workshop, we will cover the importance of Incontinence and Pelvic Health not only as a “health issue” but as a symptom of our body and all that it is trying to tell us. We will explore the links between nutrition, naturopathy and gut health; how this can affect and potentially lead to Incontinence and show you how yoga and specific exercises can strengthen, tone, and release your pelvic floor to help with Incontinence.


We will use Infinity Alignment’s Therapy to bring the body into alignment through healing and meditation.


Alice will guide you through postures that will invite tone AND relaxation to the muscles of the root, as you experience the simple power of yoga and movement.


We will explain the impact our food, diet and health on Incontinence & Pelvic Health. We must remember that all is connected.

What You Will Come Away With:



You will feel empowered, anchored and more conscious of your essence and more attuned to your body.


There will be much personal growth, insight and change; therefore, know that Alice or Jean-Marc will support you during and after the workshop.


You will experience a series of practices to help you further along your new journey of personal connection and care.


A booklet with lots of information on nutrition, homeopathy, self-love, yoga practices, exercises and more.

Meet Your Hosts:

Jean-Marc is a healer, naturopath and nutritionist whose practice comprises natural remedies, spirituality and health.

“Throughout my years of experience, I have always put my patients first. I help by teaching them to re-discover, understand and empower their bodies, health and life in a natural way. Here at Infinity Alignment, we aim to share this profound and ancient teaching with the world.”

Alice is an embodiment and movement practitioner specialising in working with women on their journeys to flourishing in their innate fullness.

Alice’s background is in yoga and holistic creativity. She facilitates women’s transformational circles, dance journeys, and creative writing sessions. All of these practices support women in embodying their power, feeling anchored and secure in themselves and their bodies, feeling free to express themselves physically, vocally and creatively.

When women reconnect lovingly to their bodies, energy, sexuality, sovereignty, voice, and inner vibrancy, all beings benefit.

Retreat Dates and Venue:

Date: Oct 9th & 10th, 2021

Time: Weekend from 9:30am to 5pm

Where: We will be sharing the workshop at The Retreat New Forest, surrounded by idyllic countryside in Christchurch (BH23 7EF)


The total investment of the workshop is £360.

The Deposit is £100

The Full Payment is £360 (includes deposit and early booking discount UIPHEALTH21 is applicable!)

This includes:

  • Teaching
  • Tea & Coffee Station
  • Materials (booklet)
  • Healing & Meditation sessions
  • Yoga Sessions


To book, click HERE and you will be taken to the booking page at Infinity Alignment. Please read the practicalities and terms and conditions on the page, prior to booking.

We look forward to sharing this practical, nourishing and empowering weekend with you!

Image credit: outer images – Infinity Alignment, banner image and middle image of Alice: photography by ©2021


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