As the new calendar year begins, we continue to walk through winter together, gathering in the warmth of nourishing company. We move our bodies and nurture resilience, relaxation, emotional & mental wellbeing.

January and February offerings are below, along with the booking links.

Note: all sessions will follow the latest government guidelines regarding Covid. If a lockdown is put in place, sessions will transfer online as required, so that we can continue to move in connection together.


Alice teaches an integrated approach to hatha yoga, working with body-weight-based strengthening, tension release, energetics, somatic movement, along with practices for nervous system regulation and tools to support the psyche.

Anyone of any gender expression is welcome to join us.

Mondays, 7.15 – 8.15pm

January 10th through to February 14th inclusive (6 sessions total)

Venue: The Old Schoolhouse, Gladstone Mews, Gladstone Rd E, BH7 6BG

Investment: £60




Over 6 sessions we will explore the balancing & expression of the inner masculine & inner feminine as energies and archetypal aspects affecting how we behave & relate. We will do so via: nourishing yoga, somatic movement, meditation, energy practices, reflection & sharing.

Sessions are for all who identify as female, or non-binary, anyone with a cervix.

Wednesdays, 6-7.30pm, weekly, Jan 12 – Feb 16 inclusive.

Venue: The Old Schoolhouse, Gladstone Mews, Gladstone Rd E, BH7 6BG.

Investment: £72

This is price is an introductory price and will not be offered at this rate again.



Further Course Details:

This practical introductory course supports an embodied deepening of an inner union (the meeting & interplay) between the energies that reside within all bodies, of all gender expressions.

This is subtle work. The effects are profound & can result in seeing very tangible results in your system, ways you behave in the world, meet life & also engage with the masculine & feminine expressions outside of you.

To make the subtle comprehensible to the psyche, we’ll use the lenses of: archetypes (eg. inner King & Queen), energy polarities & how these complement each other & can be cultivated. We will also experience tantric explorations of Shiva & Shakti & non-dual perspectives of unity through meditation, yoga postures, freeform dance & breathwork.

When there is an imbalance in inner energies, we can feel the ripple effect through our experience of mind, emotions, physicality & the way we live our lives. It can feel like some part of ourselves is not present fully, or is in avoidance, lack or stuckness.


This balancing, integrative series of sessions might be for you if:

– You find it difficult to focus and/or rest in silence.

– You struggle to complete projects or follow through on your word.

– Your words & actions don’t align: eg. you generally don’t do what you say you will.

– You don’t trust yourself or life.

– You tend to suppress or are afraid of uncomfortable or intense feelings.

– You outsource aspects of your emotional work to others, demanding this of partners/parents/friends/life yet refusing to attend to this within yourself, with love, first.

– You people please, or feel you have to prove your worth to others (through looks, actions, saying yes when you mean no etc)

– You avoid direct speech & don’t yet feel you have the capacity to hear truth (eg. you prefer fantasy to reality)

– You find it challenging to feel feelings.

– You feel ‘in your head’ and disconnected to instincts & intuition.

– You feel you have to subtly manipulate, force, seduce or fawn to get your needs met.

– You feel rage, grief and disappointment with the inner masculine/feminine and/or with the general male/female population & don’t know how to be with these feelings without blaming & projecting them onto everyone.


This course may be for you if:

– You want to know yourself as Love

– You’re willing to attend to what is necessary

– You’re committed to stepping into your sovereignty and taking responsibility for all aspects of your experience

– You wish to strengthen in courage and capacity

– You want to feel more comfortable in your own skin

– You would like to relax into being, and to deepen in the lived experience of this.

– You wish to cultivate radical self-compassion – a transformative energy for flourishing

– You want to trust yourself & life more fully

– You sense you want to know more about the inner masculine and inner feminine and are curious to explore this in practical ways.

– You’re welcoming in growth, depth & expansion.

If the above resonates, this course will provide a safe and sacred container to begin, or deepen, into this liberating work. Each of the session will have an optional home practice, so that you can continue the embodiment processes and exploration at your own pace each week, between the in-person classes.




This event invites a remembrance, through embodiment and energy, of your wholeness. It is simple and profound: community, connection, movement, ceremony & cacao, music and dance. Authenticity. Come as you are. Open-palmed, we will hold out our hands, with a willingness to let life-as-love move through us.

This dance is an invitation to experience yourself as all-inclusive love. Love as your very nature – not love as a concept or Disneyfied ideal.

How is it to relax into love as your essence? In this relaxation in being, attachments and grasping outwards can be seen and met, as can resistance: a rejection of Life at very deep levels. In the clarity of love, we can see clearly any push-pull away from what IS. We can stop the game of trying to manipulate life, others and our own self-perception. We can relax into being.

Our gathering will include:

– Time for sharing and reflection on the journey’s theme. That which is brought into awareness will then be in the cauldron of the evening, as music and cacao and compassionate presence work their intuitive ways, however needed.

– Somatic practice: an easing into movement in a guided way, facilitating a deep listening to your body & instincts, supporting a natural unwinding and release of tension & stored emotions/energy.

– Drinking heart-opening ceremonial-grade cacao, ethically sourced via Common Roots from the Mayan women’s collective Ruk’u’x Ulew.

– Moving to a curated playlist, one rooted in the Heart & Roots. It will be a rich journey of deliciousness and depth as we soften into simply being and allowing, meeting all that naturally arises along the way.

– You are invited to bring an item that represents your offering and/or invitation to love at this time. Intention is powerful.

– We will close with a sharing circle and time for integration after the dance.

This event is for everyone & anyone who feels to join us. No experience necessary.

There is the option to attend either the evening or day time dance journey:



When: 12/2/22, 6-9pm.
Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes early to settle into the space.
Where: Private venue in Southbourne, Bournemouth. Address will be shared upon booking.


When: 13/2/22, 1-4pm.
Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes early to settle into the space.
Venue: The Old Schoolhouse, Gladstone Mews, Gladstone Rd E, BH7 6BG.

Exchange: £25




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