A yoga course for women: six weeks of connection, empowerment and a remembering and embodying of your innate fullness.

This course is for those who wish to draw upon and deeply embody the archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine, connecting to the Goddess in every woman and knowing ourselves as this, here and now, in our bodies and presence through yoga, reflection, movement, meditation, sound and breathwork.

At a very practical level, this means nurturing these qualities within ourselves and bringing awareness to these archetypal energies, how we currently embody them and how we might cultivate different aspects of them further.

Each week we will sit in circle as women, a practice which is healing in itself. Through the sacred container of the group circle, we will also be held as we explore how the shadow, as yet unintegrated, aspects of these archetypal energies manifest within our habits, patterns and lives.

The practices we work with are transformative, allowing us to meet ourselves, shadow and light in a deeply loving way, allowing release, integration and expression. During our weekly sessions, and optional home practices, we will further embody these empowering archetypal energies, allowing our fullness on all levels.
We will bring balance to body, mind and heart through

* Hatha Yoga Asanas – postures

* Mantra – sacred sound

* Mudra – hand gestures that form energetic seals

* Cultivating awareness, focus and inner stillness

* Simple take-home practices to call upon and to nurture the gifts of these archetypes in ourselves in daily life

* Meditation

* Deep relaxation

In this second series, we will explore and embody three more powerful Hindu Goddesses:

Lakshmi: Goddess of abundance, beauty in all forms and fertility

Lakshmi awakens us to the power of our own innate fullness and abundance. The Lakshmi energy invites us to explore our relationship with receiving, the nature of receptivity, and enjoying the sweetness of all of life.

Lalita: Goddess of divine play, the sacred erotic.

Lalita invites to be fully embodied, fully awake, wholly self-possessed and fully erotic – an embodiment of the divine feminine in human form that meets every aspect of being as a loving partner in the dance of life.

Saraswati: Goddess of the power of word and sound.

Saraswati is a wisdom goddess of empowered communication and the creative power of language. The Saraswati archetypal energy is the one we can call upon to speak our truth and bring it into form, to contact the deepest truth of our being and to create and speak from there.

Please note, it is not necessary to have attended the first course in this series.

WEDNESDAY COURSE – One Space left. Please contact Alice if you would like to join the course *

Wednesdays, 6pm – 7.45pm (including deep relaxation)
£60 (Payable in one payment or split into two £30 payments).

Booking essential due to limited class number of 8.

Course dates: June 13/6, 20/6, 27/6 and July 4/7, 11/7, 18/7

Venue location: Boscombe Overcliff, full address provided upon booking.

To book please contact Alice on 07398 665212 or email hello@alice-flynn.com

Payment is via
or bank transfer (please message for details)

Image Source: Deep Space by Patrick Hoesly on Flickr


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