Embodying the Sacred Feminine 1: Bhuvaneswari & Lalita Tripura Sundari – Spaciousness and Sacred Sensuality

When: Sunday 6th October 2019

Time: 9.30 – 12.30

Where: 1, 83 Ringwood Rd, Poole BH14 0RH

Exchange: £35

For Special Offers & Discounts – see Payment Details below.




Embodying the Sacred Feminine


This course is for those who wish to explore and embody the qualities of the sacred feminine through working with the wisdom goddesses of the Tantric pantheon.


In this practical session we will work with psychological archetypes and their energies through yoga and yogic practices. We will focus on two goddesses in each session, bringing awareness to how their attributes may be present in our psyche and soma (body) in both active, over-active and latent forms.


We will work with the sacred feminine that is already innately within us all, whatever our gender, and how this energy can support us in daily life. Through this experiential, empowering work we will reclaim forgotten aspects of our whole, strengthen certain capacities and qualities, integrate shadow material or simply bring harmony into all areas of our expression as a human.


Our tools and practices will include a variation of:

* Asanas – postures

* Mantra – sacred sound

* Mudra – hand gestures that form energetic seals

* Meditation

* Freeform movement/dance

* Visualisation

* Creative reflection

* Journal writing

* Deep relaxation

* Simple rituals and take-home practices to use in daily life

In the first of four sessions, we will explore and embody two powerful Hindu Goddesses:


BHUVANESWARI: Goddess of Spaciousness – She Who Holds the Cosmos in Her Embrace.

Bhuvaneswari represents the field of creative possibility as spaciousness. This spacious presence has the power to compassionately holdall contradictions. Bhuvaneswari reminds us there is space for everything in life, as it is.


We can attune to Bhuvaneswari when we want to open up to new possibilities and pathways, and when we want to cultivate our capacity to hold ourselves and to be present to seemingly conflicting feelings, thoughts and situations. All the while life holds us, too. She embodies the cosmic mother – and, as such, is a nurturing and tender archetype to call upon when these qualities are wanted from within.

LALITA TRIPURA SUNDARI: Goddess of divine play, the sacred erotic.

Lalita Tripura Sundari is the archetypal energy of the sacred sensual. She invites to be fully embodied, fully awake, wholly self-possessed and shamelessly erotic.


We can attune to Lalita energy when we want to feel more connected to our bodies, sexuality, senses and our sense of play and capacity to receive pleasure in daily life as a natural part of being. We can call upon Lalita energy to supports us as we reclaim all aspects of our humanity as divine, honouring our unique expression, as we learn to meet every aspect of Being as a loving partner in the dance of life. The archetype of Lalita invites us to honour and embody our ecstatic nature as the very energy of life itself.



Please arrive 15 minutes before the session starts to settle and set your space. There is limited free car parking available on site.


What to bring and wear:

Please bring a journal, pen or pencil and water bottle. The studio has mats, blankets and bolsters available to borrow, or you are welcome to bring your own if preferable. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing you can move freely in. Layers are best for warmth and coolness as we practice. If you are staying for the afternoon session, please bring a packed lunch.


Personal Pathway and Optional Home Practice:

For those of you drawn to this session, it can be useful to open to your intention for attending in the weeks coming up to the class. This is isn’t an analytical process, but more of a sensing into what is calling you, perhaps a certain quality you are wishing to meet or cultivate in yourself, an area in life where you would like more expression, or simply a curiosity about the topic.


For those attending the sessions and wishing to create a supportive home practice, Alice will provide options for this. If you plan to attend the further sessions in the series, there will be a chance to discuss your practice experiences, insights and development in each future session. In the shared circle, there is great learning to be gained from each other.


Payment Details: 

Please contact Alice via hello@alice-flynn.com or 07398 665212 to book your place.

Single Session Exchange: £35.

Participant offers:

£5 discount on any subsequent sessions booked in this series, or Alice’s autumn/winter sessions at The Yoga Studio Poole. E.g. First session pay £35, subsequent sessions pay £30.*


Block Booking Offer:

Book all four in the Embodying the Sacred Feminine Seriesfor £120 (vs £140) payable in two blocks of £60, for those wishing to invest the whole course (over 12 contact time plus optional home practice) and their personal journey and progression through the archetypes.


*This includes the two-part Roots and Resiliency Series, Winter Warmer Retreat Afternoon and The Body Poetic. View the series and other autumn/winter sessions via the Classes and Events Page of this site.


Payment Plans available for multiple bookings.

Payment via: www.paypal.me/aliceflynncreativity

Or BACS details available upon request.


About Alice:

Alice Flynn is a hatha yoga teacher, writer and theatre practitioner with over ten years’ experience in both yoga and the arts. Her work in all its forms, is rooted in, and dedicated to, embodying and expressing our innate fullness.

Alice facilitates creative practice in multiple forms. Through yoga, movement and bodywork, she invites explorations in embodiment, presence and pleasure. This work arises from the inherent creativity of being human and having a body, mind, and spirit and learning to integrate all aspects of ourselves.

Alice also facilitates personal and professional artistic expression. She hosts creativity and yoga retreat days using the tools of drawing, painting, words and ritual. Alice writes and directs for performance and facilitates actors and creatives in this field. She has recently been appointed as co-director for Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre and is a founding member of Portal: New Writing Collective based in Dorset.

Alice holds weekly circles and yoga sessions for women as a space in which women can come home to themselves, to their own bodies, sensuality, power and presence, simultaneously learning from our shared connection and wisdom. Alice’s work both comes from, and is her own offering back to, the call of Life, the delight in being human while also existing as the Mystery of aliveness itself.

Alice trained with Integral Yoga, further qualifying in yin yoga. She studied English Literature at Cardiff, University of Wales and performance (directing, acting & facilitation) with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, Australia. In recent years Alice has found attending Satsang, shamanic retreats, women’s sexuality and embodiment courses to be supportive of her own personal growth and work, as well as her interest in psychology, nature, gardening and the simple gifts of daily life.

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