Facilitator Conscious Creativity Circles Bournemouth • July 2016 – Present

Alice hosts regular wellbeing circles for adults. These are evenings or day time events that nurture creative expression, relaxation, growth, release and integration.

Using a specific process, Alice guides participants through a variety of experiences and practices such as creative reflection, organic dance, meditation, embodied movement and creative explorations. The creative practices are wide-ranging, from watercolours, crayons and writing through to making and crafting. All the practices relate to and deepen participants’ experience and exploration of the central theme of the event. Creativity circle sessions can be two hours in length through to full day retreats.

Feedback from past circle participants:

‘Thank you Alice for a wonderful circle this evening. Enriching & joyous. 
I feel very connected with my self, and my creativity. Lovely to dance with abandon, share in a safe space…’ Jodie, Hampshire

‘[The practices] helped me to have courage to approach my fears and to feel freedom through creative movement […] challenging […] but it was all so freeing. Amazingly beneficial and soul-nourishing.‘ Participant, Southbourne

‘[I gained] serenity, peace, peace of mind, ideas, the ability to process some problems I’d been having. Some inspiration for my creative ideas and processes.’  B.R., Brisbane

I have felt more self love. Given myself the freedom of movement. It’s uplifting, incredible.‘ Francesca Edwards, Bournemouth

‘[I enjoyed] the balance of mind/body/soul. A lovely mix of experiences that focused on the journey and process – the little moments that matter.’ Michelle, Sunshine Coast

The space was so safe, there was a freedom that was really wonderful. Thank you for a lovely day – I feel inspired and light!’ M.B., Palmwoods

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