Kahuna Massage

Kahuna is a traditional form of Hawaiian massage. It is a nurturing practice which uses flowing rhythmic strokes over the body, like gentle ocean waves. The therapist uses forearms to work deeply, yet gently, into muscles. Kahuna promotes deep relaxation and relieves stress. It is excellent for both releasing muscular and emotional tension. It harmonises the whole system, improving blood and lymph flow, supporting the elimination of toxins.

Kahuna bodywork brings balance at the levels of mind, heart and energy body,empowering clients to more deeply experience embodied presence and their own innate peace.

Massage Sessions

Kahuna Massage, Consultation and Intention-Setting

60 minute Kahuna massage plus 30 minute consultation and intention-setting (1 hr 30 mins total)


A relaxing introduction to Kahuna, this is perfect for those who are new to bodywork or for those who have a demanding lifestyle and would benefit from regular relaxation and integrated support for their well-being. Each session begins with a dialogue and intention-setting followed by a rejuvenating 1 hour Kahuna massage and a brief integration period post-massage.

It is recommended that all new clients will begin with this as their first session.


Kahuna Express Massage

60 minute  Kahuna Massage 


This option offers space and silence for integration and embodied processing while the mind rests and the nervous system drops deeply into balance.

This session is available to all clients who have had a prior initial consultation session, ensuring that you are familiar with Alice, the practice and there has been a meeting of our energies and a clarification of your needs as a client.

To book your transformational Kahuna massage, call 07398665212 or email hello@alice-flynn.com.

Gift Vouchers

Kahuna massage vouchers are now available. Gift yourself or your loved ones a nurturing, deeply relaxing Kahuna massage, sessions available at times to suit you/your loved ones.

To purchase a voucher please call 07398 665212 or email. 


Alice’s massages are extraordinary: healing, nurturing and rejuvenating. I leave feeling peaceful and centred…more ‘me’! I highly recommend Alice.

Felicity Perez

Beautiful, releasing, resting, relaxing massage. Thank you, Alice.

Silvinna Moreno

Thank you Alice for such a wonderful massage. I felt totally nurtured and supported from the minute you arrived until you left (and even beyond). You’ve enabled me to feel grounded and at peace again after a difficult few months. I slept deeply last night and have woken up completely refreshed and ready to face the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be booking in again very soon.

Lisa Wijsveld

Alice is amazing. So calm and professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sarah D.

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