A Spoonful of Sugar

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‘To sweeten an expression could be seen as to try to make something more palatable to digest.  It’s interesting to be able to let raw, untamed and unfiltered movement express itself.  If the outcome wasn’t important, and it wasn’t created in order to then be judged, accepted, critiqued or approved of… what would the untamed, impolite, raw expression be?’  Rowan Cobelli, yoga teacher.

The above quote could apply to both movement in yoga and the movement within any creative practice – the inner impulse that naturally wants to share its expression, like a blossom unfurling from a bud.

Whether on the yoga mat or in our creative play, often we inhibit our own instincts or override  impulses. These are habits, sometimes learned, sometimes the ego stepping in. By acknowledging the inner critic, a fear thought arising or the desire to shut down an unfamiliar  process, we begin to cultivate both an a quality of inner listening and awareness . Within this awareness, a sense of spaciousness is felt. The more we rest in this space, the more we are able to allow the bud to blossom in its own time. We observe, with curiosity,  as the creative process happens. We see the body express its fullness within yoga postures rather than trapping the body within an asana or concept of an experience. As we cultivate this awareness, with gentleness, we may find limiting habits and inhibitions fall away or become less noisy as we listen more deeply to our inner creative  impulses, our raw instinctual flow.

The space where we no longer follow a need to sweeten an experience for ourselves or for others is a space of real possibility: unknown yet deeply familiar and freeing.

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