The Gift

The Gift Sitting in circle We receive each other’s words in the vibrant silence of the heart Sister Brother Heard and held. Yes, mind chatters: Advice this Judgement that. But the space [...]

A Desire to Thrive

Two weeks’ prior to this photo being taken, this little olive tree was brown, crispy-leaved and looking rather on its way out. I had neglected it. Could I bring it back from the brink? I [...]

The Power of Playfulness

Play is important. This summer in women’s yoga, we got tangled up, twisted, small and large, we chased each other and connected to ourselves, the group and the space around us through fun. [...]

Bead by Bead

I broke my mala beads well over a year ago. After letting the beads languish in a box in a cupboard in the corner of my room for an age, I have finally, lovingly restrung the beads, one by one, [...]

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